What Is A Traffic Collision

We are sorry to hear that you or someone close to you was in a traffic collision. We recognise that accidents like this can be stressful. Our lawyers specialise in traffic collision claims and are here to listen to your situation and offer their expertise.

A traffic collision occurs when a vehicle collides with another object. This could be another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road debris, tree, pole, or building. On many occasions, road traffic collisions result in personal injuries, disabilities, death, property damages, or psychological damages.

In this article we cover the following queries on what to do after a traffic collision:

  • When to Report a Traffic Collision to the Police
  • Why Report a Traffic Collision to the Police
  • Why Report a Traffic Collision to your Insurance Provider
  • How to Write Traffic Collision Report for Insurance

When to Report a Traffic Collision to the Police

Report the traffic collision to the police when there has been:

  • Damage to public property, for example, street signs, guard rails, and bridges
  • There are hazards on the road, for example, body fluids, acts of aggression, fallen
    power line, or oil spills
  • You suspect involvement of drugs, alcohol or other criminal negligence
  • The driver is refusing to provide their details
  • The driver has an impairment or disability that requires police assistance

If you have already left the scene, report the matter to your local police station. They will investigate your concerns. Otherwise, it is possible to exchange information with the other people involved in the traffic collision and leave the crash site.

Why Report a Traffic Collision to the Police

Reporting the traffic collision to the police provides proof that your loss occurred and a summary of information regarding the circumstances around the traffic collision. When a traffic collision requires police assistance, the insurer can request the police report. Without the police report, the insurer can decline your claim. If you did not require police assistance, the insurer is not in the right to request this report number from you.

If you have not been given or forgot the identification number of the police report, our lawyers can assist you in locating the report. Contact us now for assistance.

How to Report a Traffic Collision to the Police

In Queensland, there are a few ways you can report a traffic collision to the Police. You can do it online, by phoning Policelink (131 444), or at your local police station. If anyone is seriously injured or in immediate danger, call 000.

A reportable crash is when there has been a death or injury that requires medical attention, a driver fails or is refusing to provide the required details, or there are vehicles that need to be towed or carried away by another vehicle. If none of these circumstances exist and you still want to report the traffic collision to the police, go to your nearest police station or call Policelink (131 444).

If you are from Queensland and had the traffic collision interstate, call the Queensland Police Service on ​(07) 3055 6206. They should help you get in touch with the relevant local law enforcement agency.

No matter what kind of personal injury you have sustained from the traffic collision, our No Win No Fee lawyers are experts in personal injury law.


FAQs on Police Reports After Traffic Collisions

Do Police Send Accident Reports to Insurance?

Yes – Your insurer can request the police report from the police. If your traffic collision fell under the ‘police attendance criteria’, they have the legal right to ask you for the police report number to acquire the police report from the police.

How Do I Find My Police Report Number?

The police assisting at the scene of the traffic collision should hand you a receipt with the police report number. If you have lost the police report number, call Policelink (131 444) and provide your name, and the date, time, and location of the traffic collision.

If you have made a police report at a police station or online, you should receive your police report number within 5 days after preparing the police report.

How Long to Get a Police Report After Accident?

The Queensland Police Service will be able to provide you a copy of the police report (with a small admin fee) when you reference your police report number. Another way you can obtain the police report (free of charge) is by asking your insurer.

Do Car Accidents Need to be Reported to the Police?

You must report the traffic collision to the police when there was been a death or injury, the driver fails or refuses to provide the required information, or the vehicle must be towed away. If none of these circumstances exist, you are not required to report the traffic collision to the police. If you wish to report the traffic collision and the police did not attend, you can report the matter at a police station.

Why Report a Traffic Collision to your Insurance Provider

Many insurance companies will have time limits to when you can lodge an insurance claim for your losses from the traffic collision. Reporting the traffic collision on the day or within the week to your insurer will better your chances of getting your insurance claim approved and quickly.

Before settling your claim with your insurance company, consider speaking to an experienced traffic collision lawyer to maximise the number of losses you recover. Our lawyers will make sure your rights are protected in your claims process.

Have questions about how to report a traffic collision to your insurer? Contact our lawyers now for answers.

FAQs on Insurance After Traffic Collisions

Do I Have to Report the Traffic Accident to My Insurance?

Yes – You have the duty of disclosure to report the traffic collision to your insurer. It is also better to report the traffic collision to your insurance because the other driver might decide to make a claim against you.

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